HIGH QUALITY Student Loan Databases

*HIGH QUALITY Student Loan Databases (3) 2M+ Records… only $999

This will be sure to FUEL your Call
Center/Phone Room or Email Marketing Campaign with a few FRESH chunks of
Data with these recently generated Student Loan leads. The leads
generated from this source show many extra
indicators such as “US_Citizen”, “Bankrupt”, and “Debt_Amount”.

Along with the usual needed Opt-in data, and the Phones and Email per
record, this will give you a nice advantage and starting point for the
opening (and CLOSING)
of your individual marketing efforts toward each record !

523K Records (Student Loan Database #1):


617K Records (Sudent Loan Database #2):

Records (Student Loan Database #3):


Stay HEALTHY! Keep those Clicks coming with these FRESH (1 week old) HEALTH INSURANCE data

*GET THE ENTIRE 200K LONG Form Collection for only $$350 !!!

There’s a total of 200K LONG FORM HEALTH INSURANCE LEADS GENERATED from as recent and dated as last week: LATE AUGUST 2016!!!

RECENTLY DATED and SUPER ACCURATE: These LONG FORMS will have the HIGHEST connect rate of anything seen for quite a while!

As of the current date: AUG 29th, some records are even less than a week generated… AUG 29th – AUG 23rd = 6 days !!!

*GET IT WHILE it’s HOT !!!


Interested Health Insurance Data Please Contact:

Email: Arifulhere@gmail.com
Skype: Su-jon

more details please visit: http://ift.tt/2bOtC0t


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